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Pneumatic Pressure Washer

Teryair Pneumatic High-Pressure Cleaners are designed for heavy-duty cleaning operations in hazardous environments. These Pneumatic High-Pressure Cleaners ensure safe cleaning of hazardous areas where inflammable gases & liquid may be present. These heavy-duty high-pressure cleaners are used for removing dirt, salt and rust deposits from ship decks/floors, paint & graffiti off walls, oil & grease off engines.


  •  Built-in bypass safety valve.
  • Low-speed motor/pump unit.
  •  Non-spark air motor.
  • Non-corrosive materials are used in pump, fittings & pipes.
  • 3 fully ceramic coated pistons.
  • Built-in FRL unit.
  • Built-in muffler.
  • High Durability due to the low-speed motor/pump unit.
  • Chemical Injector F