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Universal valve terminals

  • Sturdy and modular valve modules as a compact or modular sub-base for all standard tasks.

Standards based valve terminals

  • Valve modules to ISO 15407-1, 15407-2 and ISO 5599-2 for standards-based valves with versatile valve functions and as a plug-in or individual connection.


Application-specific valve terminals

Space-saving an+d compact valve modules for special requirements 








Electrical peripherals

  • Electrical components for valve terminals 
  • AS interface components 




Accessories for valve terminals

  • Valves
  • Sub-bases / manifold rails
  • Mounting components
  • Actuator attachments
  • Accessories for specific valve modules   





Motion Terminal VTEM

  • Flow rate: 480 l/min
  • Voltage: 24 V DC
  • Pressure: -0.9 ... 8 bar
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Sub-base valves
  • Metal manifold rail
  • Fieldbus connection via modular electrical terminal CPX


Motion Apps


  • Motion apps are creating an entirely new dimension of flexibility - a single valve, numerous different functions
  • Faster engineering processes
  • Short response times without any hardware modifications
  • Reduced system complexity
  • Shorter rollout times for your software