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Sound Level Meter

EXAIR’s Model 9104 Digital Sound Level Meter is an easy to use instrument that can measure and monitor the sound level pressure in a wide variety of industrial environments. The source of loud noises can be quickly identified and isolated so corrective measures can be taken to reduce or eliminate the problem. For compressed air noise, it is often as simple as replacing the existing inefficient blowoff s with EXAIR’s engineered compressed air products such as the Super Air Knife, Super Air Amplifi er or Super Air Nozzles. In many cases, the EXAIR products can reduce noise levels by 10 dBA which is perceived as cutting the sound volume in half.

Cold Gun

Hearing loss induced by high noise in the workplace is a common problem. Exposure to high noise levels for an extended period of time can lead to permanent hearing loss for workers not wearing proper hearing protection. The Digital Sound Level Meter can help employers protect workers by monitoring noise levels so they don't exceed the limits shown in OSHA Standard 29 CFR – 1910.95(a). Failure to comply can result in hefty fines.