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Compressed air dryers

Refrigerant Dryer F 6-400

Dry, clean air: reliable, safe production

The Atlas Copco F dryer cools compressed air to remove all moisture:

  • Protect your tools
  • Safeguard your products
  • Minimize maintenance
  • Reduce costs

Features & benefits

Great performance and reliability

  • Lower production and product failure rate
  • Steady pressure dewpoint
  • Quality rotary. compressor with low power requirements
  • Efficient and reliable 3-1 heat exchanger
  • Hot gas bypass valve saves energy

Cost savings

  • Your tools last longer
  • Fewer system and tool repairs
  • Low maintenance

Easy installation and operation

  • Plug and play
  • Only one electrical connection
  • Digital controller with easy pressure dewpaint display

Environment friendly

  • Low power consumption
  • Low impact R134A/R410a refrigerant