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Air Cooled Reciprocating, Oil Lubricated Compressors

Robust, reliable and heavy duty The Automan series has been designed for maximum productivity and longer lifetime. Every component has been engineered, tested and qualified to guarantee the highest quality. This series stands out because of its durability, cost efficiency and usage in all types of environments

Features & benefits

Heavy duty 

• Highly durable design

• Built for any industry

• Performance service kits are available

Extreme & ductile

• Proven piston technology

• Different versions available Heavy duty

Service kits and spare parts

The Atlas Copco ATC is supported by a full range of service kits that come complete with all necessary parts and oils. Genuine parts guarantee extended compressor service life and reliability. Cost-effective service solution based on optimum service intervals. Save time and administration - no need to determine individual service parts. Off-the-shelf availability. Atlas Copco’s Piston Oil was specifically developed to offer sustainable lubricant properties even under demanding operating conditions.

Key application areas

  • Auto Workshop
  • Oil Gas Staion 
  • Rice and Pulse Mills
  • Construction Segment
  • Painting
  • Power Steel & Infrastructure
  • Printing
  • Brrick making machine
  • Fire Fighting
  • Tannery
  • Mining
  • Sugar Plants
  • Stretch Blow Moulding
  • CNC/VMC machines
  • Garment
  • Tyre Shop
  • Knitting & Hosiery
  • Fution Control Equipment
  • General Industry